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Welcome to the Terminus Chamber. This is a model of our completed universe so far.

The more branches of reality you explore, the closer we will get to fulfilling our simulation.

Reality Engines[edit | edit source]

Brain Glass[edit | edit source]

Inspires human civilization - By developing the human brain, you have unlocked this terminus glass. Now capable of higher thought, this species is poised to take over the world.

Mesozoic Glass[edit | edit source]

Reptiles survive extinction - By exploring the Mesozoic Valley, you have unlocked this Terminus Glass. The extinction of the dinosaurs gives us insights into how species can disappear.

  • REQUIREMENT: Buy 1 T-Rex Dinosaur

Bird Glass[edit | edit source]

Conquer the skies - By evolving neoaves, you have unlocked this glass. Dinosaurs develop into birds, demonstrating just how much evolution can change us.

  • REQUIREMENT: Buy 1 Neoave (Blue Jay bird)

Singularity Glass[edit | edit source]

Permits upgrades beyond the Singularity - Your quantum computer simulation could not handle all calculations and crashed. This upgrades your hyper-ram so you can go beyond the Singularity and calculate its effect on the universe.

Terraform Mars Complete[edit | edit source]

Unlocks Interstellar Travel - You have successfully terraformed Mars. Humanity now has a second home. Mars will act as a base for future space exploration.

  • REQUIREMENT: Buy Fully Terraformed Environment the Last research node in Mars tree

King of the Jungle[edit | edit source]

You have completed the mammalian branch of evolution.Now we can better understand our mammal ancestors and relatives

  • REQUIRMENT: Buy 1 Feliforme


Null Node ( Future updates)[edit | edit source]

Crystallization process incomplete. More data required.

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