What are the Tech Trees? Edit

The tech trees are the current way and probably the only way of progressing through the game. The tech trees contain all of the Upgrades and Generators that are currently in the most recent patch. Each tech tree contains Something called Sub-trees/habitats that contain the Upgrades and Generators directly. There are currently three tech trees and ~8 Sub-trees/habitats.

Tech Trees (Including Sub-trees/habitats) Edit

Tech tree of life Edit

-Primordial soup Sub-tree/habitat

-Amino Acid


-Prokaryotic Cell

-Eukaryotic Cell

-Marine Sub-tree/habitat





-Terrestrial Sub-tree/habitat




-Human (Leads into the next Tech Tree)



-Humanoid Colonist

Dawn of Civilization Edit

-Pre-Middle ages

-Stone Age

-Neolithic Age

-Bronze Age

-Iron Age

-Pre-Industrial Age

-Middle ages

-Age of Discovery

-Scientific Revolution

-Post-Industrial Age

-Industrial Revolution

-Atomic Age

-Informational Age

-Emergent Age (Leads into Colonization of Mars)



-Sentient Android

Colonization of Mars Edit

-Martian Colonization


-Human Expedition

-Martian Settlement

-Martian Factory

-Martian City

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