"The one becomes the many: The first multi-cellular organism emerges." ― Unlocking Sponge in the gampelay

Sponges are the fifth generator and the first generator that lives in the ocean. Sponges are the first animals, containing any species belonging in the phylum Porifera, and the only extant phylum in its subkingdom Parazoa.

Description Edit

Profile Description Edit

The world's first multi-cellular organism, these stationary filter feeders are a product of multiple eukaryotic cells coming together.

Appearance Edit

The Sponge resembles three pink tube sponges, very likely demosponges. These sponges could possibly represent the stovepipe sponge, the giant barrel sponge, or possibly other pink species of sponges.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Efect Cost Requirement
Coral 100% more efficient 40,000 Entropy 6 Sponges
Muscles 100% more efficient 100,000 Entropy Tissue
Oscula 50% more efficient 356.72 Million Entropy 50 Sponge and Coral (upgrade)
Hermaphroditism 100% more efficient 386.57 Billion 100 Sponge and Asexual Reproduction (upgrade)


Trivia Edit

  • In the game, Coral is an upgrade for sponges, however, in real life, they are classified as cnidarians rather than sponges, relatives of the Jellyfish.
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