Singularity is the 12th civilization generator.

Overview[edit | edit source]

On first attempt:

This option will reset your game and allow you to spend your accrued points on bonuses with a cool videographic.

On second and subsequent attempts:

Will reset your game and allow you to spend your accrued points on build bonuses.

Design[edit | edit source]

It is a blue human head with purple digital particles

???[edit | edit source]

Once purchased, you will be greeted with glitched screen and sounds. Showing the Earth, Evolution (When you started the tree of life) and Neolithic along with its upgrades (Bronze Ages, etc.). Then, you will be greeted with blue human head spinning slowly, having purple eye light. When it faces at you, Fatal errors occured. Will bring you to Reality Engine once restarted.

Ancient Civilizations
Stone AgeNeolithicBronze AgeIron Age
Middle Civilizations
Middle AgesAge of DiscoveryScientific Revolution
Technological Civilizations
Industrial RevolutionAtomic AgeInformation AgeEmergent AgeSingularityAndroidSentient Android
Colonization of Mars
RoverHuman ExpeditionMartian SettlementMartian FactoryMartian City
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