By ranking up the Mesozoic Valley you will unlock the Rise of Reptiles content. This include both Reptiles and Birds[edit | edit source]

Info on the main producers prices and earning power can be found on the Generators page.

Reptiles[edit | edit source]

- Turtle (Unlocked after Beaks and Shells, Rank 3)

- Crocodilia (Unlocked after Sensitive Hearing, Rank 6)

- Lizard (Unlocked after Prehensile Tongues, Rank 10)

- Snake (Unlocked after Limbless and Mobile Jaws, Rank 15)

Birds[edit | edit source]

- Galliformes(Unlocked after Game Birds and Running, Rank 23)

- Anseriformes (Unlocked after Aquatic Adaptation, Rank 28)

- Paleognathae (Unlocked after Flightless, Rank 33)

- Neoaves (Unlocked after Raptor Ancestry and Rapid Diversification, Rank 38)

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