"The first signs of life bubble up in the primordial soup." ― Unlocking Prokaryotic Cell for the first time

Prokaryotic Cells, also known as prokaryotes, are the third generator in the game. Prokaryotic cells are the first true cellular living organisms.

Description Edit

Profile Description Edit

The first living organism. These uni-cellular organisms paved the way for the rest of life to begin.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Efect Cost Requirement
Mitochondria 25% more efficient 750 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Nucleus 50% more efficient 900 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Virus 50% more efficient 1,250 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Flagellum 50% more efficient 21.40 Million Entropy 50 Prokaryotic Cell and Nucleus (upgrade)
Ribosomes 100% more efficient 23.19 Billion Entropy 100 Prokaryotic Cell and Mitosis (upgrade)

Trivia/Outside Information Edit

  • The prokaryotes contain two domains; bacteria and archea.
    • Additionally, Cyanobacteria, which are a phylum of domain bacteria, a phylum, also known as blue-green algae are the first photosynthesis organisms.
    • Despite cyanobacterias being a type of prokaryote, in the game, they are an upgrade for the Mars Civilization.

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