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"The first signs of life bubble up in the primordial soup." ― Unlocking Prokaryotic Cell for the first time

Prokaryotic Cells


Profile Description[]

The first living organism. These uni-cellular organisms paved the way for the rest of life to begin.


Upgrade Efect Cost Requirement
Mitochondria 25% more efficient 750 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Nucleus 50% more efficient 900 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Virus 50% more efficient 1,250 Entropy Prokaryotic Cell
Flagellum 50% more efficient 21.40 Million Entropy 50 Prokaryotic Cell and Nucleus (upgrade)
Ribosomes 100% more efficient 23.19 Billion Entropy 100 Prokaryotic Cell and Mitosis (upgrade)

Trivia/Outside Information[]

  • The prokaryotes contain two domains; bacteria and archaea.
    • Additionally, Cyanobacteria, which are a phylum of domain bacteria, a phylum, also known as blue-green algae are the first photosynthesis organisms.
    • Despite Cyanobacteria being a type of prokaryote, in the game, they are an upgrade for the Mars Civilization.


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