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Neoaves is the 4th and final bird generator, and the 8th and final reptile generator unlocked in the game. Neoaves requires Mesozoic Valley Rank 38.

In version 6_52, the costs of Neoaves and its upgrades were significantly lowered, and the production and boosts significantly increased. This was later nerfed in the September update. However, Neoaves still have a large number of high-value upgrades, allowing them to become highly efficient generators.


Almost 95% of all known species of birds belong to the Neoave clade. They are extremely diverse, and appeared shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

In-game, Neoaves takes the appearance of a blue jay.


All upgrades only require 1 Neoaves to obtain. In order of the percentage boosted, upgrades are as follows:

Note: Speech, Carrion, Head Rotation, and Eagle Eyes are unlocked at the same time, after Intelligence is unlocked. Hovering is unlocked after Crows; Flocking after Owls.

Upgrade Cost Effect Branches off
Aggression 14.20 No 90% more efficient Neoaves
Blue Jays 24.90 No 95% more efficient Aggression
Flippers 36.20 No 100% more efficient Neoaves
Penguin 57.30 No 105% more efficient Flippers
Intelligence 44.80 No 110% more efficient Neoaves
Speech 82.90 No 115% more efficient Intelligence
Parrots 158.00 No 120% more efficient Speech
Carrion 309.00 No 125% more efficient Intelligence
Crows 634.00 No 130% more efficient Carrion
Hovering 1.33 Dc 135% more efficient Neoaves
Hummingbirds 2.93 Dc 140% more efficient Hovering
Vulture 6.74 Dc 145% more efficient Carrion
Head Rotation 21.00 Dc 150% more efficient Intelligennce
Owls 79.90 Dc 155% more efficient Head Rotation
Flocking 577.00 Dc 160% more efficient Neoaves
Cranes 1.73 Udc 165% more efficient Flocking
Homing 5.36 Udc 170% more efficient Flocking
Pigeons 17.20 Udc 175% more efficient Homing
Eagle Eyes 56.70 Udc 180% more efficient Intelligence
Eagles 193.00 Udc 185% more efficient Eagle Eyes

Parrots, Penguin, and Eagles are trophy creatures; they also have a 3D model and a Life Created sequence, similar to generators.


  • "Neoaves" translates to "new birds".
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