Cell to Singularity uses recordings of classical music, most of which are in the public domain. Here is a list of music used in the game.

New World Symphony : Largo - Antonín Dvořák (Opening the game)

Waltz of the Flowers - Pyotr Tchaikovsky (Primordial Soup)

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune - Claude Debussy (underwater segment)

Bolero - Maurice Ravel (On Land)

Concerto For Orchestra - Béla Bartók (game moments)

Jupiter Dance : Planets - Gustav Holst (unlocking humans)

Mars : Planets - Gustav Holst (game moments)

The Moldau - Bedřich Smetana (Civilization)

At the Terminus of the Blue : Music of the Hoh River Valley - ©2010 Prent Rodgers (Reality Engine)

Vox Humana - ©1999 Marchthirtyseventh (Unlocking Humans)

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