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MetaBits are the prestige currency of Cell to Singularity and are used to upgrade the Reality Engine that runs the simulation. You gain unclaimed MetaBits by producing Ideas and Entropy, which are then claimed and made usable by "rebooting" the simulation. This ability becomes available after buying the fight Singularity and then Afterward, are boron trioxide that can be initiated at any time you have to buy void accelerator in the reality engine which is the last one of the hologram computing so yeah enjoy your free MetaBits!

The total amount of MetaBits earned is the "simulation level," which passively increases the production multiplier by itself. This is independent of the amount of MetaBits on hand, which can be spent in the Reality Engine tree to increase production, click value, or offline production value, you can also get MetaBits in the main simulation and the Mesozoic valley and most useful, in the cube tree in the reality engine and you can buy the Relativity upgrade by buying 50 middle ages and you can get a lot of MetaBits

The formula for MetaBits gained after a reboot is: (Entropy + Ideas)^(1/3) / 10000 - 1 More accurately, replace the 1/3 with 0.19283746152637% and you'll have the exact equation, which this equation is confirmed by the source code that SiHr searched through you can buy MetaBits with 2500 Darwinium at the store.

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