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The beginning of it all[edit | edit source]

So you just started and are wondering, "I'm already loving this game but I want to know a more efficient way to make entropy (your first currency)," well I've got you covered pal, it's pretty simple really.

If you have a multi-touch touch-screen device, you can use multiple fingers for tapping, allowing you to get entropy that much faster.

Or you can use an autoclicker if you want, although it is a little bit cheaty.

Next, say you've been upgrading your amino acids a lot and it starts taking longer and longer to upgrade it. Well after it costs more than the single-purchase upgrades, purchase them instead of your amino acids. You'll be able to upgrade stuff faster if you upgrade the single-purchase upgrades. Tada, see, that wasn't so hard, right?

Once you have several life forms you can purchase, set the purchase multiplier to Max and watch for a while. You'll see that the total amount you can earn per second for each purchase depends upon how many of each you can buy. Depending upon the upgrades, an older life form may earn you more than a newer one, until you get enough upgrades for the newer ones. Without the Max multiplier turned on, you can't easily tell which is more cost-effective.

Currency[edit | edit source]

There are two currencies in the game: entropy and ideas. On some platforms, players may choose whether to use "normal" or "scientific" notation in their game (do this in Settings). The abbreviations for the amounts in play are:



Name Base Number Scientific


K Thousand 1,000 1E3
M Million 1,000,000 1E6
B Billion 1,000,000,000 1E9
T Trillion 1 + 12 Zeros 1E12
Qa Quadrillion 1 + 15 Zeros 1E15
Qi Quintillion 1 + 18 Zeros 1E18
Sx Sextillion 1 + 21 Zeros 1E21
Sp Septillion 1 + 24 Zeros 1E24
Oc Octillion 1 + 27 Zeros 1E27
No Nonillion 1 + 30 Zeros 1E30
Dc Decillion 1 + 33 Zeros 1E33
Udc Undecillion 1 + 36 Zeros 1E36
Ddc Duodecillion 1 + 39 Zeros 1E39
Tdc Tredecillion 1 + 42 Zeros 1E42
Qdc Quattuordecillion 1 + 45 Zeros 1E45
Qidc* Quindecillion 1 + 48 Zeros 1E48
Sxdc* Sexdecillion 1 + 51 Zeros 1E51
Spdc* Septendecillion 1 + 54 Zeros 1E54
Ocdc* Octodecillion 1 + 57 Zeros 1E57
Ndc* Novemdecillion 1 + 60 Zeros 1E60
V* Vigintillion 1 + 63 Zeros 1E63

*Abbreviations with strikeout are not yet confirmed in the game.

Note for international players. Cell To Singularity uses "Short Scale" notation, as in the above table. Short Scale is primarily used in US, English Canada, modern British, Australia, and Eastern Europe. C2S does not use "Long Scale" (French Canada, older British, Western & Central Europe). You can tell whether you are using short or long scale by what you call the number 1,000,000,000 -- if you call it "billion" you use Short Scale and if you call it "milliard" you are using Long Scale.

The brain[edit | edit source]

You've finally evolved enough where your apes and humans now have brains. At this point, you have to tap on the big brain, in the evolution tree near where you upgraded the brain, to gain a new currency called Idea. after you've earned enough and upgraded the research that gives you automatic Ideas, now you automate both Entropy and Idea.

Tap this for Idea

Simulation Crash[edit | edit source]

You play the game for a while and reach an upgrade called "singularity." Once you upgrade it, all of a sudden your simulation crashes and you have to restart from the beginning again. Don't fear, it's nothing dangerous. It's the start of a new journey where you'll start building up prestige currency known as Metabits. Metabits are used to upgrade your Reality Engine and boost your Production Multiplier, which helps you make Entropy and Ideas at a much quicker rate, which in turn helps your Metabits build up even quicker (circle of life, am I right?). You're probably wondering, "does Singularity reset you again if you reach it," the answer to that is No. Another question you probably have is, "how do I prestige/reboot?" well you just have to click the bar that is under your currency and bam, there's a huge reboot button and a stats page that you can access if you click the little bars graph icon at the top left.

Location for rebooting/prestige

Mesozoic Valley (or dino simulation)[edit | edit source]

Where’s the dinosaur simulation? [edit | edit source]

You can find the simulation by going to your evolution tree and going towards the right of the tetrapods, you'll see the almighty rock that must be opened; after you've unlocked it you can access it through that area in the evolution tree or a much quicker way is clicking the green, dino skull button at the top right.

Why aren‘t my dinosaurs making money by themselves?[edit | edit source]

The dinosaurs don't automate till you collect trait cards for that specific dinosaur, you can learn more about that in Mesozoic Valley Page.

How to upgrade my fossils-per-tap?[edit | edit source]

fossils-per-tap can be upgraded by certain rare trait cards, more info on trait cards can be found in the Trait Cards section.

Does rebooting your main simulation reset the Mesozoic Valley?[edit | edit source]

Rebooting your main simulation has no effect on the Mesozoic Valley, and vice versa; they are completely separate and individual simulations.

Why do the reptiles/birds look dark and glitchy?[edit | edit source]

Well... that's because you haven't reached the right rank yet in the Mesozoic Valley to unlock them, also, you need to upgrade the path to them by getting the Egg Shell and Cold-Blooded upgrade at the right of the Tetrapods.

What’s the max level in Mesozoic Valley?[edit | edit source]

Level 50 is the highest level after which you have to prestige.

How do you prestige and what's the max prestige?[edit | edit source]

You can prestige by clicking "Prestige" at the top of the window.

The max prestige currently is 10.

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