Cell to Singularity Wiki

There are some glitches that you saw. The reptile ones, bird ones, and the mammal ones. the bird and the reptile glitches need a mesozoic valley rank to be unlocked

Appearance Rank
Turtle 3
Crocodilia 6
Lizard 10
Snake 15
Galliformes 23
Anseriformes 28
Paleognathae 33
Neoaves 38

The Mammal glitches can be shown when you start rebooting the simulation for the first time Mammal glitches need metabits to be unlocked

Name Value


Glires 1
Ungulates 10
Marisupials 250
Caniformes 300,000
Monotremes 42.00 M

(Requires beta 7.96)

2.50 M
Feliformes 5.50 B

If you are having trouble to unlock the Feliformes glitch, then here is how you unlock it

Way 1. Unlock Neoaves. Then complete the Monotremes branch.

Way 2. Instead of unlocking Neoaves, unlock the upgrades of monotremes. You can use the shooting star.