Fish are the fourth and final generator in the ocean and the eighth obtained generator overall. Fish are also the first generators considered vertebrates. Fish are any vertebrates that have fins, usually gills, and aquatic (however, some such as mudskippers and lungfish appear to be semiaquatic). Tetrapods evolved from fish, and thus cladistically making tetrapods fish as well.

Description Edit

Profile Edit

With fins to maneuver the ancient seas, fish evolved traits that would make them the apex predator of the sea.

Design Edit

The fish resembles a turquoise-colored carp-like teleost fish.

Upgrades Edit

25% More Efficient Edit

  • Lungfish

50% More Efficient Edit

  • Excretion Opening (need 50 Fish)

100% More Efficient Edit

  • Gills (need 100 Fish)
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