This section compiles al the "Evolution" or Upgrades that can be purchased with Entropy before unlocking the first life form (Amino Acid)

Name Description Cost Efect
Home Star Stars are th power source of the universe. Solar waves pour onto nearby planets and provide energy for millions of years. N/A Allows player to entropy tap
Planet Earth Earth provides a mixture of chemicals, an abundance of water and an atmosphere that's perfect for developing life 8 Entropy None
Moon The gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of Earth turn the tides of the ancient oceans to advance life. 240 Entropy +4 Entropy/tap
Primordial Soup A solution rich in organic compounds believed to set the conditions for life. 13 Entropy None
Nucleotides Nucleotides are the chemical compounds that build the foundation for DNA and RNA. 40 Entropy +1 Entropy/tap
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