The Daily Mutation, or the Daily Reward Panel, in the gameplay gives you a daily prize in a fourteen day cycle. After collecting the daily reward, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before you can receive the next reward.

In order to unlock the Daily Mutation, you need to buy Cytoplasm, which costs 6,750 entropy.

Rewards Edit

The rewards are given as following ...

Day Reward
1 4 Darwinium
2 +2 hours of x2 boost
3 1 Darwinium
4 +1 hours of x2 boost
5 x120 entropy and idea burst
6 2 Darwinium
7 +2 hours of x2 boost
8 2 Darwinium
9 x120 entropy and idea burst
10 2 Darwinium
11 +4 hours of x2 boost
12 x120 entropy and idea burst
13 8 Darwinium
14 1 Mystery Reward
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