DNA is the second generator in the game. DNA is the key for all life.

Description Edit

A molecule with the unique property of self-replication, DNA's infinite configurations forms the foundations of all evolutionary changes.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Effect Cost Requirements
Protein 100% more efficient 300 Entropy Amino Acid
Plasma Membrane 100% more efficient 600 Entropy Protein
Bacterium 100% more efficient 1,250 Entropy Protein
Chromosomes 50% more efficient 3.57 Million Entropy 50 DNA
DNA Replication 100% more efficient 3.87 Billion Entropy RNA (upgrade) and 100 DNA

Trivia Edit

  • In the original design of DNA, the color was purple, however, it is now light blue. The original design, however, can still be viewed in its profile description.
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