One of the menu items is Redeem Codes. Accepted codes will reward with Darwinium. Codes must be typed in ALL CAPS.

  • DARWIN -- 25 Darwinium
  • STRIPES -- 20 Darwinium
  • EVOLVE -- 25 Darwinium

Codes are available on Android and in Steam. Codes are not available on iOS due to an Apple restriction. To use codes on iOS, save the game to the cloud, transfer to Steam, redeem the codes, and transfer back.

EXPIRED CODES. These codes were valid at one time but have been withdrawn.

  • MANIA -- 20 Darwinium
  • TWITCH -- 20 Darwinium
  • FINALS -- 25 Darwinium
  • POEM - 25 Darwinium ( limerick discord contest)
  • GLITCH -- 25 Darwinium
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