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Boosters are power-ups in the game Cell to Singularity: Evolution Never Ends. Boosters help to speed up player progress in the game.

If your on Desktop or in pc you cant have free boosters.

Unless if you buy it with Darwinium.

Free Boosters[]

There are a few free boosters. Most of them require you to watch an ad or spend Darwinium cubes to claim the boosts.


There are also a few boosters which require Darwinium.

Boost Description Cost
Time Flux Allows you to time warp 1 hour in the future. 3 Darwinium
Entropy Burst

Idea Burst

Gives a burst of entropy or idea. 4 Darwinium


  • Originally, the shooting star boost would work for 20 seconds, however, in an update, this was reduced to 15 seconds.