"Amino Acids are the building blocks of life." ― Unlocking Amino Acid in the game
Amino Acids are the first purchase you make toward evolution. Each one creates roughly 0.05 entropy without any upgrades bought. They are the cheapest generators you can buy.

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Amino acids and molecules bond together to create these raw materials of life.

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It's a simple molecule diagram of a real alpha amino acid.

Facts Based on Achievements and Upgrades Edit


Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Efect Cost Requirements
RNA 300% more efficient 600 Entropy Nucleotides
Volcano 300% more efficient, 850 Entropy 2 Amino Acids
Polypeptides 50% more efficient 535,080 Entropy 50 Amino Acid and Protein
Enzymes 100% more efficient 579.86 million Entropy 100 Amino Acid
Tech Tree of Life
Primordial Soup
Amino AcidDNAProkaryotic CellEukaryotic Cell
TetrapodMammalApeHumanCyborgSuperhumansHumanoid Colonist
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