Achievements are missions to complete in the game Cell to Singularity: Evolution Never Ends. There are 148 achievements in all.

Description Edit

Most achievements will require a number of generators, within per generator has five achievements. When you tap on an achievement, you will be rewarded with an entropy (and idea, once you have reached civilization) bursts. You can tap on the achievements and learn facts about the generators in real life. However, these achievements cannot be completed again when rebooting the universe.

Generator Achievements Edit

Meta-Universe Edit

The first achievement requires 25 generators.

The second achievement requires 50 generators. Look for an addition to the tree that will result in a 50% increase in production.

The third achievement requires 100 generators. Look for an addition to the tree that will result in a 100% increase in production.

The fourth achievement requires 150 generators.

The fifth achievement requires 250 generators. The reward will be 1 Darwinium.

Mesozoic Valley Edit

The first achievement requires 75 generators.

The second achievement requires 200 generators.

General Achievements Edit

The first achievement requires you to buy a Prokaryotic Cell.

The second achievement requires you to buy a Jellyfish.

The third achievement requires you to buy a Tetrapod.

The fourth achievement requires you to buy a Human.

The fifth achievement requires you to buy the Stone age.

The sixth achievement requires you to achieve a Singularity Ending.

The seventh achievement requires you to achieve Mars Ending.

Mesozoic Valley Achievements Edit

The first achievement requires you to achieve Mesozoic Valley.

The second achievement requires you to Trigger an extinction.

The third achievement requires you to unlock the T-rex by reaching rank 27.

The fourth achievement requires you to unlock Alligator

The fifth achievement requires you to unlock Bird

The sixth achievement

Overview Edit

Achievement Goal
Beginnings Evolve first living organism
Upward and Onward Evolve life that can swim
Out of the Ocean Evolve first land animal
If I Had a Hammer First tool
First Human Evolve Human
Singularity Ending Permits upgrades beyond Singularity.
Terraform Mars Complete Unlocks Interstellar Travel
Dawn of the Dinosaurs Uncover the Great Fossil
Massive Comet Trigger extinction
Reptillian Relatives Crocodillians Discovered
Avian Ancestors Birds Discovered
Prehistoric Research Create first T-Rex
Amino Acid
First Amino Acids 25 Amino Acids created.
Acids, Acids Everywhere 50 Amino Acids created.
Acid Trip 100 Amino Acids created.
Peptide Bonding 150 Amino Acids created.
Protein Chain 250 Amino Acids created.
A Dip in the Gene Pool 25 DNA created.
Unzip Your Genes 50 DNA created.
Sex Cells 100 DNA created.
Genetic Enginerring 150 DNA created.
A Crick in Your Neck 250 DNA created.
Prokaryotic Cell
Liquid Assets 25 Prokaryotic Cells created.
Get Cultured 50 Prokaryotic Cells created.
Share and Share Alike 100 Prokaryotic Cells created.
Leave it to Leeuwenhoek 150 Prokaryotic Cells created.
True Love's Bacteria 250 Prokaryotic Cells created.
Eukaryotic Cell
Powerhouse of the Cell 25 Eukaryotic Cells created.
Eukaryotic, I-karyotic, He-She-We-karyotic... 50 Eukaryotic Cells created.
Pump up the Volume 100 Eukaryotic Cells created.
True Nut! 150 Eukaryotic Cells created.
Big Cell in a Small Town 250 Eukaryotic Cells created.
Squishy 25 Sponges created.
Hospitable 50 Sponges created.
Sponge Bath 100 Sponges created.
Startling Sponge Stats 150 Sponges created.
I'm Running Out of Sponge Puns 250 Sponges created.
Don't Be Jelly 25 Jellyfish created.
Well Hydrated 50 Jellyfish created.
Flight of the Jellyfish 100 Jellyfish created.
Perpetual Polyps 150 Jellyfish created.
A Cat and a Jellyfish Walk Into a Bar 250 Jellyfish created.
Tape as Old as Time 25 Flatworms created.
That Sucks 50 Flatworms created.
You Spineless Worm! 100 Flatworms created.
Endless Appetite 150 Flatworms created.
Split Personality 250 Flatworms created.
Just Keep Swimming 25 Fish created.
Whale of a Tail 50 Fish created.
Day-Old Fish 100 Fish created.
Swim With One Eye Open 150 Fish created.
Not to Scale 250 Fish created.
Icy Iguanas, Cold Chameleons 25 Reptiles created.
Our Scaly Friends 50 Reptiles created.
Quite a Mouthful 100 Reptiles created.
Have a Heart 150 Reptiles created.
Slow and Steady 250 Reptiles created.
Where There's a Whale 25 Mammals created.
Hair-Raising 50 Mammals created.
Egg on Your Face 100 Mammals created.
Don't Step On My Toes 150 Mammals created.
Up to Bat 250 Mammals created.
Monkey Business 25 Apes created.
Primate Power 50 Apes created.
A Chimp Off The Old Block 100 Apes created.
Heard It Through The Ape Vine 150 Apes created.
The Apes of Wrath 250 Apes created.
Vital Statistics 25 Humans created.
No Homo Bro 50 Humans created.
Cry Baby Cry 100 Humans created.
Mirror, Mirror... 150 Humans created.
Soap Opera 250 Humans created.
Stone Age
Home Sweet Home 25 Stone Ages created.
Nothing to Wine About 50 Stone Ages created.
Back in Black 100 Stone Ages created.
Sticks and Stones 150 Stone Ages created.
Ramblin' Man 250 Stone Ages created.
Man's Best Friend 25 Neolithic Ages created.
Counting Sheep 50 Neolithic Ages created.
New Age Thinking 100 Neolithic Ages created.
An Axe to Grind 150 Neolithic Ages created.
Temple of Doom 250 Neolithic Ages created.
Bronze Age
He Who Smelt It Dealt It 25 Bronze Ages created.
Hanging Gardens 50 Bronze Ages created.
Walkin' in Memphis 100 Bronze Ages created.
Bronze-Age Daydream 150 Bronze Ages created.
Third Best 250 Bronze Ages created.
Iron Age
Coin Collection 25 Iron Ages created.
Here Comes the Cavalry 50 Iron Ages created.
Bogged Down 100 Iron Ages created.
Wattle and Daub 150 Iron Ages created.
Metal From the Sky 250 Iron Ages created.
Middle Ages
Middling at Best 25 Middle Ages created.
Norman Notions 50 Middle Ages created.
Please Sir, Can I Have Some Moor? 100 Middle Ages created.
I'll Toast to That 150 Middle Ages created.
Happy as a Pig in Clay 250 Middle Ages created.
Age of Discovery
To Boldly Go 25 Discovery Ages created.
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria 50 Discovery Ages created.
Going Viral 100 Discovery Ages created.
Turning Japanese 150 Discovery Ages created.
Cornucopia 250 Discovery Ages created.
Scientific Revolution
So... the Answer is Know? 25 Scientific Revolutions created.
Getting Mooned 50 Scientific Revolutions created.
Hooked on a Micro-Feeling 100 Scientific Revolutions created.
Elemental, My Dear Watson 150 Scientific Revolutions created.
The Leg Bone's Connected to the... 250 Scientific Revolutions created.
Industrial Revolution
Do the Locomotion 25 Industrial Revolutions created.
Not Kid Approved 50 Industrial Revolutions created.
Smash the Establishment 100 Industrial Revolutions created.
Population Boom 150 Industrial Revolutions created.
Fashion Forward 250 Industrial Revolutions created.
Atomic Age
Manhattan Project 25 Atomic Ages created.
Fat Man and Little Boy 50 Atomic Ages created.
Fallout 100 Atomic Ages created.
KA-BOOM 150 Atomic Ages created.
Children of The Atom 250 Atomic Ages created.
Information Age
The World-Wide Web 25 Information Ages created.
You've Got Mail 50 Information Ages created.
Pining For the Fjords 100 Information Ages created.
Bugging Out 150 Information Ages created.
Gaming the System 250 Information Ages created.
Emergent Age
Data Analyze This 25 Emergent Ages created.
ET Phone Home 50 Emergent Ages created.
99 Luftballons 100 Emergent Ages created.
Tales From the Cryptocurrency 150 Emergent Ages created.
Leave the Nanometer Running 250 Emergent Ages created.
One Giant Step For Rover-kind 25 Rovers created.
Mars is For Soccer Moms 50 Rovers created.
Lost in Space 100 Rovers created.
Meteorites on Mars 150 Rovers created.
Marathon Runner 250 Rovers created.
Human Expedition
Reach For The Stars 25 Human Expeditions created.
Red Rover 50 Human Expeditions created.
Viking Exploration 100 Human Expeditions created.
Dust in the Wind 150 Human Expeditions created.
Sol Searching 250 Human Expeditions created.
Martian Settlement
He's Got a Point 25 Martian Settlements created.
The Air Up There 50 Martian Settlements created.
Warmonger 100 Martian Settlements created.
Mount Olympus 150 Martian Settlements created.
Martian Monitors 250 Martian Settlements created.
Martian Factory
Inaccurate Information 25 Martian Factories created.
Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Dust 50 Martian Factories created.
Bubbles of Death 100 Martian Factories created.
Cut off the Crusts 150 Martian Factories created.
The Only Thing to Fear 225 Martian Factories created.
Martian City
The Martian Chronicles 25 Martian Cities created.
A Drink at the Mars Bar 50 Martian Cities created.
Urban Development 100 Martian Cities created.
Mars-tropolis 150 Martian Cities created.
Red Planet District 200 Martian Cities created.
Mesozoic Valley
Tell Me the Tooth 75 Archosaurs created.
TBA 200 Archosaurs created.
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